Match Report
France 1ère Cie vs 91st Highlanders UK
3 - 6
1 - 3 Loss
Random Steppe
1 - 0 Win
Random Steppe
1 - 3 Loss
Random Steppe
  • Mount & Blade Warband Mount & Blade Warband
  • Date & Time Played: Tuesday 13 December @ 20:00
  • Match Type:
  • 3 Map(s): Random Steppe(1-3), Random Steppe(1-0), Random Steppe(1-3)
  • Team Size: 29 vs 35
  • Team:
  • Caller/Captain: hherlev
  • Most Valuable Player: Gokiller
  • Match Report by: hherlev
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The match was arranged 2 weeks before, so both regiments had plenty of preperation time. We did an hour of warmup before the match. We managed to bring up 31 players, with only a small amount of work. The spirit was high and everyone were ready. The 91st persisted on doing the match on their server so we agreed in the end to come on there. At around 20:30 GMT+1 we were all gathered on the 91st server. They had set it to Britain VS Britain so we stayed on spectator. For some reason the 91st spend the following 10-15 minutes running around training while we were waiting. A bit of a doll view yet somewhat scary to see 45 highlanders running around.
After telling Tavington to hurry up his "thing" we finally got to it. The first map was very hilly in the 91st favor. However against the odds of being shot to shit we ran up the hill point blanked them and massacered them in melee. This gave a huge confidence in ourselfs and perhaps too much. After we´d won the 1st round I asked Tavington for a map change. Them having the chance of spawning on a hill at the size of mount everest didn´t seem very fair.
At the 2nd map we were quick to decimate them in close combat and shooting. It seemed like it was going to be an easy fight once more. Though the 3rd round the 91st rallied themselves and somehow turned the game. Their first won was a tactical mistake on my side. We got close in on them and perhaps a little bit too close for comfort. The 91st lost their nerve and charged us. Giving us a deadly volley before we could return it. With the few 15 of us left against 35 highlanders we still managed to dominate the melee but not good enough to win the round.

With still perhaps a little bit too much confidence we quickly got into a melee charge with the same result. Morale started to decrease and confidence lowered. Next round came up with a different result.. We tried a more defensive approach by settling on a hill to our left flank. Giving us able time to give off a few volleys before a determening result. In hope of killing some highlanders to even the teams we proceeded with the volley fire but were forced to engage in melee since the 91st came around our flank. The melee was nail bitting and ended up in a 1 V 1 with a 91st Cpl against Gokiller who for atleast 2 minutes fought an intense melee duel. The 91st Cpl then got Gokiller in an unlucky chamber and we lost the round.

Then my bladder decided it was time for a pee break so I asked for a 5 min break. I was back after 1 minutes and we spend that time discussing tactics. Sadly the round didn´t go much better either way, the 91st came at us but like last round it came down to a few people playing in the end on both teams. The story pretty much repeated itself over again in the following rounds, even after the map change. When the score was 5-2 to us, we took a deep breath and outmanevoured the 91st and got them in close range and ended up scoring a win with only a handful of men left. Spirit got high as our losing streak had finally been broken. We only needed to win 2 more to make it a draw. Tavington and I agreed that the first to reach 6 wins we would end the map. Last round we took a defensive position on our left flank and so did the 91st at the end of the map with only their hats visible. However, one of ours guys actually managed to get a hill from the distance of 500 meters. Our plan was the force the 91st to attack us for once, and see how that´d go. We got some good volleys off but the superior numbers of the 91st managed to overrun us in the end and seperate our line in a daring melee charge. I managed to get a pistol kill in the charge but being unable to stick together as a single force we were taken down one by one. Thus leaving us the score of 6-3 to the 91st.

It was an exciting match and both regiments played excellent. Good fight 91st, next time you won´t be so lucky ; )

Regards, Colonel Herlev
1er Régiment de Grenadiers à Pied


Yeah, it's sad we lost but it was our own fault. We could have done better than that. it was a good match anyway and i'm looking forward to the rematch next year...

Thursday 15 December @ 22:45 by Germany Maktheridon

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