Match Report
France 1ère Cie vs IVe France
7 - 3
4 - 1 Win
Random Plains
3 - 2 Win
Random Plains
  • Mount & Blade Warband Mount & Blade Warband
  • Date & Time Played: Sunday 20 November @ 20:00
  • Match Type:
  • 2 Map(s): Random Plains(4-1), Random Plains(3-2)
  • Team Size: 27 vs 20
  • Team: Zonox, User Deleted, Rhazak, hherlev, Nötter, Ekky, Mr_T, bloodreaver, Maktheridon, Sergi, Tired_Hippo, wizofcake, Rusty McMuff, R4z0r, Arctic, CharlieWJM, Greaterbeing, Karel, Ograv, Quentillius, Wretched Failure, zito93, Gokiller, Hawkins, njorl/oravainen
  • Caller/Captain: hherlev
  • Most Valuable Player: Mr_T
  • Match Report by: Mr_T
  • External Link: None

Though at the start it seemed like an easy victory as the IVe had alot less men, they soon brought up their numbers and managed to beat us in 3 rounds. They were exceptional in shooting and though we gave them some devasting volleys they bit back with their lead too. Overall a damn good game, thanks to the IVe for the brilliant game!


Mr t, what kind of argument do you have for us next time when you are claiming yourself the most valuable player again?^^

Monday 21 November @ 20:11 by Germany Maktheridon

It were moi Birthday Smile

Monday 21 November @ 20:12 by UK Mr_T

Something must be wrong with my eyes... I am reading that Mr_T is the most valuable player. Is that correct?

Thursday 01 December @ 21:54 by UK User Deleted

It was mah dang Birthday! D:

Friday 02 December @ 20:29 by UK Mr_T

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