Match Report
France 1ère Cie vs 18e Regiment d'Infanterie France
6 - 4
5 - 0 Win
Random Plains
1 - 4 Loss
Random Plains
  • Mount & Blade Warband Mount & Blade Warband
  • Date & Time Played: Sunday 30 October @ 20:00
  • Match Type:
  • 2 Map(s): Random Plains(5-0), Random Plains(1-4)
  • Team Size: 27 vs 25
  • Team:
  • Caller/Captain: hherlev
  • Most Valuable Player: None
  • Match Report by: Mr_T
  • External Link: None

The attendance was very good on both sides and more or less equal. The battle against our good chums the 18e started at a 5-0 score to us, after that however Herlev may of gotten a little too cocky at the score. After this we were shot to death and crushed in melee as Lowlander recognised they could not match us in melee, so kept his distance from us, volleying us with typical 18e deadliness.

However we brought it to a good victory, thansk 18e for the battle.


Why is Herlev always the most valuable player.....

Monday 31 October @ 13:21 by UK bloodreaver

Cause I am Bloodreaver, I am

Monday 31 October @ 15:53 by Germany - WW2 hherlev

Monday 31 October @ 15:53 by Germany - WW2 hherlev

That is completely full of lies Herlev!

Monday 31 October @ 15:58 by Belgium Sergi

I'll see if i can change dat Smile

Monday 31 October @ 17:08 by UK Mr_T

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