Match Report
France 1ère Cie vs 52nd Regiment of Foot UK
10 - 1
5 - 0 Win
Random Plains
5 - 1 Win
Random Steppe
  • Mount & Blade Warband Mount & Blade Warband
  • Date & Time Played: Wednesday 16 February @ 20:00
  • Match Type:
  • 2 Map(s): Random Plains(5-0), Random Steppe(5-1)
  • Team Size: 21 vs 15
  • Team:
  • Caller/Captain: hherlev
  • Most Valuable Player: hherlev
  • Match Report by: Mr_T
  • External Link: None

It's pretty simple to explain, we were better at shooting, and we were even better at melee this time around. Last round we done our famous backwards charge which never turns out well, brilliant turnout for such short preperation. Keep it and thanks to all that attended. Respectable opponent, and very honourable in defeat.


i can remember the line battle btw. i joined on the 16th february and so this was my first line battle^^

Tuesday 22 November @ 13:33 by Germany Maktheridon

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