Christmas break !

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Christmas holiday break !

This Sunday (21st December) Will mark the last official 1er Event of 2014 (Eu company)!
The staff of the 1er wish everyone a very merry/happy/great/fabulous/glorious Christmas and we all look forward to seeing you all in the new year.
Speaking of which, We are scheduling to come back into active duty on the first Thursday after new year's day (8th January).
If you feel you cannot wait until then and will miss my beautifully sexy ginger chops then don't threat my dear little pleb, The NCO staff are planning to hold small fun events from the time we break up until the time we come back. These of course will be non-mandatory (Meaning you DO NOT have to attend if you don't want to).

NA Company:
You beautiful bastards are having your last battle on the 20th December (Arty 21st) and will be coming back after the new year on the 5th January !

That's all folks, See you all on Sunday and if not have a great Christmas and we'll see you all in the new Year !

Stay safe, Eat plenty, drink your self into a coma and don't forget - Onions.

- Capitaine Charlie.

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