Nomore 92nd event's

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Nomore 92nd event's !

As of today the 92nd EU company has gone inactive and thus there will no longer be any 92nd events.
We are currently working on finding new events for us to attend weekly, so please be patient.
Tomorrow (3rd December) We are attending the IVe Wednesday event, so please all attend for that and please pass on the word !
I will keep you all informed via a forum thread, which I will make, when we have finally found new weekly events.
It is a sad day indeed as we have attended the and fought with and against the 92nd for 3-4 years now.

Remember tomorrow, 7;15 GMT for the IVe Wednesday event, Hope to see you all there !

- Capitaine Charlie.


We're now signed up weekly to the IVe+5pp coalition Sunday event ! Smile
However on the 3rd Sunday of every month There will not be an event of which I believe we can go to the 77y for that day.
Here is the event thread :

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