NA NWL Medals and Other News

Posted by Japan Gluk The Walrus in Regimental News on Wednesday 19 November @ 00:43


Introducing New Medals!

To put extra interest in the North American Napoleonic Wars League, i have requested the creation of three new medals.

Médaille du Chasseur de Ody


For Killing Ody.

Médaille commémorative de la bataille de Amérique


For Having Consistent Attendance to League Matches

Médaille du Recrutement Suprême Classe


For Recruiting 25 People into the Regiment

*Medal Design May Change*

Other News: Farewell!

I would like to say farewell to all those who have recently left the 1er Grenadiers. You will be missed.

Those to remember:
Lieutenant WILDJames
Lieutenant Christopher
Sergent Jamie
Caporal Dinkleberg
Caporal Levite
Caporal CowOfWar

Present Arms!

-Lieutenant GlukTheWalrus.


You should really change The NWL medal to
"Attend ALL the NWL matches"

#1Wednesday 19 November @ 17:02 by England CharlieWJM

Charlie, the NA NWL is like 3 months. I probably wont even be able to attend them all. Maybe i might change it to like "consistent attendance to league matches." idk.

#2Wednesday 19 November @ 19:48 by Japan Gluk The Walrus

Dayman can make every event evah Laughing

#3Thursday 20 November @ 13:12 by USA Day