Monday Army battle

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Monday Army battle!

The 77y have invited us to their army battle's against the British Army (BA_) which will be happening on Monday 7pm GMT (Usual times).
We were meant to have one this week playing as cavalry on their team however due to my internet issues, Sergis' computer breaking and James understandably being uneasy at leading a cavalry detachment we were sadly unable to attend.
Luckily the 77y found a replacement who will be attending weekly with them however Malakith extended an invitation to us to come along and play as infantry and I gladly accepted.
I do not know if this will become a weekly event, after the first one we shall see if we all would like to stay and of course to see if we're invited again.
Malakith did warn me of the BA admins being a bit... Crude There has been a few arguments over their dissensions and lets not forget the last time we tried to attend we had to leave due to certain circumstances.

We need to field 15-20 men, any more is fine but we cannot go over 30 (For balancing reasons). This shouldn't be a problem at all seen as our average attendance as of late is around 25 and sometimes we do reach 30.

So to conclude - We will be fighting with the 77y come this Monday in their army V army battle event as infantry.

Hope to see you all there !

- Capitaine Charlie.

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