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Posted by England CharlieWJM in Regimental News on Wednesday 06 August @ 18:40


Resuming Normal Schedule!

Last week I made the decision to collapse the usual schedule down to 1 event a week with training being optional due to everyone disappearing off on holiday and being generally inactive due to the good weather.

Next week a good number of people are back from their holidays so attendance should start to pick up again.
Regarding the IVe Sunday events - When Erik gets a message to me that they're back on (as they were frozen due to the summer holidays) I see no issue with returning to the event.
That being said until the event is back on we will return to the 77y Sunday event and may peruse others.

This will also open up opportunities for us to go other classes such as Cavalry and Skrimisher's.

So I hope to see you all back on the battlefield, rested and ready for action come the next week !

- Capitaine Charlie.

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