1er Régiment d'Artillerie à Pied de la Garde Impériale

Posted by England CharlieWJM in Regimental News on Sunday 01 June @ 20:34


The 1er Régiment d'Artillerie à Pied de la Garde Impériale has Arrived !

The 1er Grenadiers has now officially gained an artillery detachment!
It is made up of experienced gun crew and artillery officer from a previous British regiment. Now before you say anything about them fighting for the British have in mind and heart that they have seen the light and come to fight shoulder to shoulder with the true power of Europe !

They will be attending Eu companies Sunday events as well as (hopefully) having a Wednesday event of their own. Also if the time calls for it they will drop their ramrods, spy glasses and lighters for a musket, bear-hat and black powder to fight side by side with us on our Thursday engagements.

Before anyone even thinks about asking, no you cannot join them. They will be independent on the fact that they will recruit their own men in their own part of our forums here.
Only if they are lacking attendance will a few select people go and lend them a hand.

Now everybody welcome our new comrades with open arms and hearts!
...Except LoboChef, you stay in the naughty corner...

- Capitaine Charlie.


I bet they are alot better than the last useless artillery crew we had, maybe they will hit the enemy instead of us. (joking)

#1Sunday 01 June @ 22:16 by Norway Larry

AY !
Me, Warden and Stylish were the best blody arty. The 59ths stopped arty in their events because of us.
Yeah sure he had a few "Shot rounds" when we had a howitzer but I think we more then made up for it.
You dont know shit Larry ! Q_Q

#2Sunday 01 June @ 22:27 by England CharlieWJM

All i remember is one cannon ball taking out our entire line

#3Sunday 01 June @ 22:33 by Norway Larry

I remember that too Larry xD I think that was the last time we actually had artillery in a linebattle xD

#4Sunday 01 June @ 23:07 by USA ChristopherTF

Look ok, Warden died with the bloody spyglass unequipped so me and stylish had to make a split second judgement as Mak wasn't answering whisper.

#5Sunday 01 June @ 23:42 by England CharlieWJM

Welcome to the new Arty guys, Might have to stop by their training because i know a little tip for em.

#6Sunday 01 June @ 23:50 by Canada Frederickson

The fuck are these people?

#7Monday 02 June @ 16:57 by UK Mr_T

I was also wondering, which regiment does the arty people come from?

#8Monday 02 June @ 17:04 by Norway Larry

A smaller British regiment, I have forgotten their name but it was 7th something

#9Monday 02 June @ 17:08 by England CharlieWJM

As far as I remember , 7th arty was always on events. But maybe I have mistaken them.

#10Monday 02 June @ 17:13 by Croatia vitskikipxo1234

Chaps some the messages might come about as rude and all that so keep that in mind for the future eh and wish the lads well Wink

#11Monday 02 June @ 17:44 by Scotland WildJAMES

Bob the 7thArt we face/ed in 92nd events was a Spanish regiment, not the same guys Smile

#12Monday 02 June @ 17:50 by England CharlieWJM

I may be interested in this. But I think we should get a horse gren detachment still.

#13Monday 02 June @ 19:53 by USA Beauveret (Phat)

Not interested as in joining, but as in hearing how they do things. I know I can't join

#14Monday 02 June @ 19:54 by USA Beauveret (Phat)

Oh , I see now.

#15Monday 02 June @ 21:22 by Croatia vitskikipxo1234

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#16Saturday 18 July @ 04:13 by Germany 750unique