Skirmish Ahead!

Posted by Canada Frederickson in Regimental News on Thursday 22 May @ 01:33


Recrues, Soldats,Gardes and other Grognards sharpen your bayonets and load your muskets as Napoleon is requesting our forces to face the Russians. This assault will take place this upcoming skirmish at the date of the 28th of May the 2éme Compagnie (North American Company) will be having a larger skirmish at the time of 8 EST against a foe whom we have faced and were defeated by who go by the name of Moskov Grenadiers. It is important to bring as many members as we can to this skirmish and to be on our top game seeing as these players will be good in melee. It is asked that all NA players attend unless they have a reason not to, in which case post a leave of absence, however, we would also like to request that any European players who can come to come and support us in the fight. The time of this event for Eu members will be about 7 hours after the normal Eu events. Now that its been a while since we faced this enemy let us show them how we have improved and hopefully send them back to Muscovy as we march through the Motherland. ~2éme Compagnie CO and NCOs


No,Im gonna miss it ;_;

#1Sunday 25 May @ 20:24 by USA Day

Did u win?

#2Friday 30 May @ 01:52 by Belgium Fearripper123

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