Important announcement

Posted by England CharlieWJM in Regimental News on Tuesday 11 February @ 16:19


Important announcement
Regarding 92nd events

The 92nd Col, John Cameron (AKA Donald)
Has made multiple changes to the 92nd events :
1 - There will be NO artillery played in Thursday events, however there will be in the Sunday events.
2 - There will no longer be any light infantry or skirmishers in Thursday events, but they will also be returning come Sunday.
3 - Artillery is now limited to 5 men only. This means there will only be a maximum of 3 guards.
4 - When in an anti - Cavalry formation you are still allowed to fire at will when a dismounted horsemen charges into the formation. This is only in effect if the whole regiment is in the formation and no one has broken off because they're kill hungry to melee someone outside of the formation
5 - You are only allowed to crouch behind objects such as a fence or wall. Furthermore you're only allowed to crouch behind a hill to conceal your line. You are not allowed to crouch when in combat.
6 - Skirmishers and light infantry can only have a maximum of 3 man spaces between each other.
7 - Thursday events will now have custom maps, meaning no more random maps. The custom maps will be narrow and long and will feature multiple features to use as cover. These kind of maps will hopefully make the event less of a camp fest and including much more melee and action, faster making it much more fun. Instead of 10 minutes running around and 5 minutes of fighting.
8 - The HbKorps will no longer be attending and will be replaced by the 77y line infantry.

Thats all for now, If I get anymore information i will add it onto here.

- Lieutenant Charlie.


Dafuck is donald up to O.o

#1Tuesday 11 February @ 17:29 by Belgium Fearripper123

Sounds good to me.

#2Tuesday 11 February @ 23:57 by Hungary Lololol

Noice, should I rejoin 92nd? Choices, choices. Get me an invite Fearri pls

#3Wednesday 12 February @ 17:58 by Imperial Kapi

Nope we dont want anymore bitching polaks.

#4Wednesday 12 February @ 20:15 by England CharlieWJM


#5Wednesday 12 February @ 22:26 by France Davout

pls, you want me to get invite in 92nd Q_Q

#6Thursday 13 February @ 08:16 by Imperial Kapi