Christmas Break !

Posted by England CharlieWJM in Regimental News on Wednesday 11 December @ 01:11


Christmas Break !

Today was the last official 1er Grenadier training of 2013. I know it's still 2 weeks until Christmas eve however I cannot promise and neither can any other high ranking officers that we can make time for training events come the next few weeks, due to, obviously it being Christmas season.
The 1er will however be carrying on linebattle events up until next week only, then we shall have around a week's break until we come back in the new year fat, slow and improved targets for shooting practice.
If noone can make it for the next week and a bit then I bid thee a very happy Christmas and happy new year on behalf of all the senior staff of the 1er Grenadier's and we await your return come 2014 !

Regarding the teamspeak :
We have been discussing this extensively and the conclusion has come that we shall try and grab a more permanent spot on the 92nd teamspeak. We prefer it here because we feel it has a much,much more community feel just like back in Mount and Musket.
This was further enforced by the fact the TrG's TS is only 20 slots and would cost more to upkeep then having a slot on the 92nd server.

That's all for now folks, Have a great Christmas !

- Lieutenant Charlie.


A merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all (in a couple of weeks that is Laughing)

#1Wednesday 11 December @ 01:41 by USA ChristopherTF

The Bavarian approves. It's quite nice having a close relationship to the 92nd :3

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#4Thursday 12 December @ 07:44 by UK Mr_T

I could give training if i get dis freakin headset -_-

#5Thursday 12 December @ 11:52 by Belgium Fearripper123

Hope Santa will pay you a visit ! Tongue

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#7Friday 13 December @ 15:42 by Belgium Fearripper123

well thats not very nice at all ! D:

#8Friday 13 December @ 16:46 by England CharlieWJM

Also for the Na company this Sunday is our last training before a break until after new years eve.

#9Saturday 14 December @ 03:29 by USA ChristopherTF

Just jokin charlie Wink

#10Wednesday 18 December @ 17:36 by Belgium Fearripper123