2v2 Victory and New 1er Teamspeak

Posted by England CharlieWJM in Regimental News on Thursday 05 December @ 01:30


2v2 Victory and New 1er Teamspeak

Once again the 1er marched into battle along side our allies the 92nd and once again we stand victorious !
Very well fought people, There was great melee all around, was great to see you all working together and holding your ground ! Shooting was impressive aswel, with multiple very long ranged shot kills, Keep it up Gentlemen!

The TrG (ex-1er members and the other group of people that hosted/were around on our previous teamspeak) have brought another teamspeak and we're in the process of getting it up and running. Sorting out all the permissions, icons and making it look all pretty etc etc..
Once it is all done the new Ts information will be handed out and we can all go visit our new home. However for the time being we will still be using the 92nd teamspeak until it is done.

See you all on the battlefield.

- Lieutenant Charlie.

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