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Victoire! Victoire!
Score: 1er+92nd 7 - 3 14e+84e

The Gunfire has halted, the screams and cries have stopped and the smoke has lifted.
The 1er Grenadiers have fought valiantly on the field of battle, side by side the 92nd Gordon Highlanders. The once green grass and open field is now carpeted with bodies and the grass turned red as the blood flows from corpse to corpse.

A Brilliant battle tonight, each and everyone of you that turned up to the call to battle fought well and hard. With every thundering volley we gave many of our foe's dropped dead on the ground.
The Melee was where we were most cautious going into as our enemy is well known for their destructive ability in close combat, that being said the 1er Grenadiers stood their ground working as a team each and every time bringing victory in nearly every round !
Our good friends the 92nd did extremely well on their part as well, as their war cries echo into the ages as they charge across open ground and smack into the enemies line soon followed by a screen of green text on the kill feed.

To everyone who showed up, extremely well played tonight. We fought and WON against 2 who are highly skilled and well known in the community, that is no easy task!
Lets keep this skill level up Gentlemen(and lady)!

- Lieutenant Charlie.


La Victoire en Chantant
Nous ouvre la barriere!
La liberte guide nos pas
Et du Nord au Midi
la trompette guerriere
A sonne l'heure des combats.
Tremblez ennemies de la France!
Rois ivres de sang et d'orgueil!
Le peuple souverain s'avance:
Tyrans descendez au cercueil!

La Republique nous appelle!
Sachons vaincre ou sachons perir!
Un Francais doit vivre pour elle,
Pour elle un Francais doit mourir
Un Francais doit vivre pour elle,
Pour elle un Francais doit mourir!!!

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