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Posted by England CharlieWJM in Regimental News on Tuesday 12 November @ 00:40


Important News:

Hello people, there are 2 things that need to be addressed that are important:

Our TS provider stopped hosting teamspeak servers because they got too many
complaints/spammer's, So we're on for now.
The 92nd have kindly allowed us to use their teamspeak whilst we find an new
provider, so will let us have a temporary channel for upcoming 1er events.

And lastly, be ready for battle men! For there is a big event coming this Friday.
The 14e and 84e coalition against the Old guard and the 92nd highlanders.
Yes, this will be meaning that for just this once, we wont be killing any
highlanders...on purpose..
Like I said this will be one of the bigger events we've had so please try
to make it this Friday (15th November) free up some time at 7:30pm
UK time (8:30pm European)
as that's when the battle will commence.
It will be one of the most hard fought battles the 1er has faced in quite a
while so please all be ready for it.

Edit: If you're in 2ème Compagnie you can now be rewarded with steam
games for recruiting more members, read more HERE!

That's all for now!

- Lieutenant Charlie.

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