1er Celebrates 3 Years as a Regiment!

Posted by Germany - WW2 Rhazak in Regimental News on Thursday 31 October @ 03:20

1er Celebrates 3 Years as a Regiment!

Happy birthday to us!
Three years ago the 1er Régiment de Grenadiers-à-Pied de la Garde Imperiale
was formed in the forge of war, and has since then ever battled the enemies
of our beloved France!
A week of celebration has been proclaimed in commemoration of our founding,
so join us on this Thursdays (EU) Linebattle to celebrate our veterans and the
years gone by in service to the Empereur. Hopefully some of our retired brothers
will turn up as well, so be sure not to miss it!

Sergent Frederickson is back in command!
With the departure of Hunk and Connor from the officers staff of 2ème Compagnie,
Sergent Frederickson has returned to whip the company back into shape and lead it
to glory once more! Make sure to attend all the events and if you have any
questions don't hesitate to ask and please do your best to assist him as you can!


New Medal!
Freshly minted 3 years veterancy medals will be rewarded either this
Thursdays linebattle or on Sundays linebattle, (depending on Sergi's attendance)
to all grenadiers who joined in the year 2010.


The Lottery!
Is decided and the winner is Rhazak, first prize and LoboChefe second prize,
"Eets Munchies" and "oddworld munch's oddysee", congrats!

A lottery will be held until next week on tuesday, 5th November. The price being
the complete edition of Trine 2. Any 1er members who joined before this post was
made is eligible to enter! Just leave a comment on this news article stating that you
want to join the lottery. If anyone wants to put any more games (steam keys from
humble bundle for example) into the pot, so we can have more winners,
just contact Rhazak!

At ease, brave grenadiers!

Colonel-Général Sergi Commandant du 1er Régiment de Grenadiers-à-Pied
Sergent-Major Rhazak, Porte-Aigle de la Garde du Drapeau

Vive L'Empereur!



Heres to 3 years everybody! Can't wait to receive the medal on 17th November!

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#2Thursday 31 October @ 11:00 by France Davout

If i make it to spring i can get my Medal.

#3Thursday 31 October @ 13:54 by Canada Frederickson

Nice! I want to try my luck k in the lottery xD

#4Thursday 31 October @ 14:06 by Portugal LoboChefe

Nice! I want to try my luck k in the lottery xD

#5Thursday 31 October @ 14:06 by Portugal LoboChefe

I want a second in command medal ! D;

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me l will win

#7Tuesday 05 November @ 01:22 by Sweden Rainbow Dash

Vive la France!

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