Anyone able to make custom maps for us?

Posted by Germany Maktheridon in Regimental News on Thursday 08 November @ 21:29

Hello everyone,

I just want to ask you, if anyone of you is able to make some custom maps for us, which we could, for example, us for training?

It would be really nice if someone would do that. Just talk to me on steam if you are interested.

By the way: You should check the "Information" and the "Server Stuff" thread on our forum.



I know how to make them but I dont know how to place spawn points :S I find sh*t when I search on the internet about spawn points

#1Friday 09 November @ 13:23 by Germany - WW2 Emprah

well if you're able to figure it out, an awesome 1er groupfighting map would be cool ^^

#2Friday 09 November @ 22:01 by Norway Ograv

Maybe this helps:,228008.0.html
Scroll down to Entry Points And How To Use Them

#3Friday 09 November @ 22:21 by Norway Ograv