New Changes

Posted by Germany Maktheridon in Regimental News on Sunday 26 August @ 20:16


The NCO's and CO's of this regiment just agreed on this changes:

1. We are not going to have any event on Saturday now anymore

2. We are going to replace the Friday public play with a Game night.

So, the game night is going to be an unofficial thing where we just meet on our ts to play some games. If you want to know more about it, i'll make a new thread on in the Suggestion part of our forum soon.

Col Makhteridon


Isnt it Saturday event not Sunday...?

#1Sunday 26 August @ 20:16 by UK Mr_T

Yes, It's saturday^^

#2Sunday 26 August @ 20:44 by Germany Maktheridon

Great, i always have soo much work at Saturdays and now i dont care about missing events Smile

#3Tuesday 28 August @ 20:14 by Poland Garond