Anyone skilled with photoshop or things like that?

Posted by Germany Maktheridon in Regimental News on Sunday 19 August @ 14:51


it's time for us to make some new things like Signatures, Medals, Rank avatars. Unfortunatly I'm not very skilled with it so I need some help with it.

So, if anyone of you is skilled with photoshop or some other programms like that, please contact me or Mr T. You would do us a huge favor.



So, what dose it pay?

#1Saturday 25 August @ 18:43 by Norway SimeX

Your mom

#2Saturday 25 August @ 21:43 by Belgium Sergi

Maybe. I don't know what u need. If there's nothing complicated i could definitely do it.

#3Tuesday 25 September @ 00:04 by Flanders Fridericus Rex

Well, I consider myself a nabove user of photoshop, but it depends what type of work do yo uwnat to be done, liek photo manipulation, or drawing?

#4Monday 27 January @ 20:54 by Estonia Crazy