Siege Lb on Wednesday

Posted by Germany Maktheridon in Regimental News on Monday 06 August @ 22:58


We are going to attend the 63e Siege Linebattle on Wednesday. We will start with a small public play at 8:00 GMT +1. After that we are going to join the Siege Lb at around 9:30 GMT+1. This event is not official but if you have time, please join us in it!



it maybe depends on the map but i woudn't mind doing arty ( if we're allowed to )

#1Monday 06 August @ 23:11 by Belgium Lenno

I'm sorry but i think all arty spots are already taken but I can still ask.

#2Tuesday 07 August @ 13:29 by Germany Maktheridon

Sure ill join

#3Sunday 12 August @ 11:59 by USA Mrscotland

Um can someone explain what time would it be GMT if it was 2:00 usa central time sry but I never heard of GMT.

#4Sunday 12 August @ 23:07 by USA [P.A]DJ

Well, GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time and is basicly the time we use in europe. Just google it Wink

#5Tuesday 14 August @ 13:44 by Germany Maktheridon

hi im new to this,

#6Tuesday 21 August @ 18:23 by England the-destroyer-1