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Posted by Germany Maktheridon in Regimental News on Saturday 21 July @ 21:18


First of all I want to announce that Saturday is an official event day now since we are usually going to attend the 6te Garde Linebattle now. We also decided to set up Public Play on Wednesday and Friday as an unofficial event.

Futhermore we decided to let all official events, except Monday training and Tuesday Bootcamp, start half an hour earlier. We doing this so we have enough time to do proper shooting and melee training before the events start.

This changes mean that our calendar looks like this now:

Regimental Events:

Official events:

Monday, 20:00 GMT +1 - Training
Tuesday, 20:00 GMT +1 - Cadet Bootcamp (only official for Recruits)
Thursday, 19:30 GMT +1 - 92nd Linebattle Event
Saturday, 19:30 GMT +1 - 6te Garde Linebattle
Sunday, 19:30 GMT +1 - 84e Linebattle

Unofficial events:

Wednesday, 20:00 GMT +1 - Public Play
Friday, 20:00 GMT +1 - Public Play

Remember: It's ok if you can't attend an event. Just make sure that you post on the absence of leave thread on this forum if it's an official event. You don't need a reason for missing unofficial events but you should join them if you have time for it.

Col Maktheridon


i think that is a little to much 4 events for week...

#1Sunday 22 July @ 01:46 by Portugal LoboChefe

Its less than many regiments, trust me....

#2Sunday 22 July @ 10:17 by UK Mr_T

Besides, starting earlier is good because we can train for 30 minutes to get properly ready for the Linebattle and we wont get sloppy

#3Sunday 22 July @ 10:19 by UK Mr_T

TOO MUCH!!!!???? I want 7 offical everyday..seriously

#4Monday 23 July @ 16:24 by Romania 1er_Gren_So_Zoltan