Important Linebattle Against the 84e!!!!!

Posted by UK Mr_T in Regimental News on Tuesday 03 July @ 17:17


We have a very important Linebattle on Saturday the 7th of July! This is an official event and all must attend, this will go down on our match history. We've beaten the 84e before, we can do it again, you must all bring your A-game on Saturday as it will no doubt be a fierce battle as the 84e are one of the best regiments out there. Its suggested you practices a lot this week on the Groupfighting server as the 84e will no doubt use melee to their advantage, also practice your shooting so we can drop them off as the get closer.

Post on the Absence of Leave thread if you cannot attend, but you better do!!!


I may arrive a bit late. I have Russian exam saturday, but maybe I get home earlier because exams usually take less time than classes.

#1Tuesday 03 July @ 22:17 by Brazil Richard

i cant sorry il be at the battle of wavre ( re enacment ) fighting whit the 85 le linge!
richard you have russain language in brasil ? Tongue

#2Wednesday 04 July @ 15:56 by Belgium whiplash

in your school ?

#3Wednesday 04 July @ 15:57 by Belgium whiplash

Nope, It's not in my school. It's in an institute specialized in Slavic Culture, and it's on Rio's city center. I'm learning Russian because I fucking love it =D No school obligations Wink

#4Wednesday 04 July @ 20:03 by Brazil Richard

lolz, I just remembered to comment that i'm not even in a school anymore... I've been in an university studying biology for 2 and a half years now xD

#5Wednesday 04 July @ 22:00 by Brazil Richard

I will probably not be attending due to Chiropractor appointment.

#6Friday 06 July @ 22:47 by Canada Frederickson