Peninsula War Campaign Battle Saturday!

Posted by UK Mr_T in Regimental News on Sunday 10 June @ 17:51


As some of you may know, Maktheridon has entered us into the Peninsular Campaign, which is being run by some of the best people in the Community, and is very organised and proffesional. Our first engagment will be on Saturday the 16th of June,from 20:00 GMT+1 onwards, here is the information on the teams and scenario.

A British and French have met just north of Salamanca.

The British army consists of:

92nd - 70
60th rifles - 12
Kings Royal Brigade - 10

The French army consists of:

FK - 36
1er - 30
54e - 25

Its sure to be a fun eent guys, so be sure to attend! Post on the AL Thread if you are not able too.


We so dead. We gonna get chewed up. we gonna get ate. We so dead o.o

#1Sunday 10 June @ 23:42 by England CharlieWJM

are the numbers troop number? Also what time will this start and end?

#2Monday 11 June @ 02:31 by USA aP1atypus

na, we are not that dead. i talked with Donald yesterday and he said he probably has to correct the number of his men because he will probably get only half of his 70 men on a saturday.

So, i want to see 30 people on. This will not be easy and we have the chance to beat the )2nd because they won't have so many people more then we.

#3Monday 11 June @ 11:35 by Germany Maktheridon

Screw revision, I'm being there for the regiment. And might I suggest Mak you contact the leaders of the FK and 54e (if its allowed) and form some stragegem? I dont know whther its allowed or not. Maybe like, an hour before the actual event?

#4Monday 11 June @ 14:44 by UK Mr_T

i agree whit mr t maybey get e stratege or a least some objective s dont just engaged them

#5Tuesday 12 June @ 12:24 by Belgium whiplash

Steam roll the two little regiment while being slight of foot then crash all we got into the mighty 92nd and death roll until every last one of them is no longer breathing. I am really sorry i will have to miss this event Sad good luck guys take them down for me!

#6Thursday 14 June @ 14:00 by Canada Frederickson