1er Grenadiers VS 32e Regiment d'Infanterie

Posted by Germany - WW2 hherlev in Regimental News on Tuesday 24 April @ 17:15


On the 29th of april, we'll be facing one of the veteran regiments of Mount&musket: the 32e Regiment! The emperor has ordered us to advance to the enemy and clear them away!
Should anyone not be able make it, please post in the absence of leave thread.
This will be one of our first serious linebattles in Napoleonic Wars, best make it a good one!
Everyone bring your a-game, and war face!

Sharp the bayonnet, clean the dirt off your boots and I'll see you there!

Regards, 1er Grenadiers Colonel Herlev

We will be rallying on our server at 19:50 GMT+2 (same time as always) and warmup from there


the Emperor order us to attack hes own regiments Tongue?

#1Thursday 26 April @ 09:16 by Norway Ekky

They fight as the royalists!

#2Thursday 26 April @ 09:30 by Germany - WW2 hherlev

but aint we kinda royalists.. i mean Napoleon is a Emperor in a way the same thing as a king, just with a diffrent name

#3Thursday 26 April @ 09:36 by Norway Ekky

Royalist= Those who side with the old Monarchy.

#4Thursday 26 April @ 15:09 by UK Mr_T

We're Imperialists...

#5Saturday 28 April @ 23:47 by UK Quentillius