Mount and Blade: Napoleonic Wars Released! (+ GIVEAWAY)

Posted by UK bloodreaver in Regimental News on Thursday 19 April @ 17:32


The DLC of Mount and Musket has finally been released, it can be purchased from Steam, Taleworlds or Gamersgate.

Prices are as follows:


The Regiment is holding a giveaway, we have one copy of the DLC to giveaway to a lucky Grenadier, to whomever posts the best comment on why they should recieve Napoleonic Wars for free within the next two hours, shall recieve the gift off me (bloodreaver) on steam.


Edit: SimeX Wins!


will there be one last linebattle on mm russia today?

#1Thursday 19 April @ 17:43 by Denmark Badasdodder

last night I eat breadcrumbs out if the toaster, I didn't have any bread... still wanted toast, but wanted the DLC more.... also, store is too far of a walk...

#2Thursday 19 April @ 17:51 by Norway SimeX

last night I talked to a hobo, he asked if I could give him some cash, I told him I needed it for the dlc, he told me he would rape my ass, still buying the dlc.

#3Thursday 19 April @ 17:55 by Norway SimeX

I was just about to buy the dlc my self, but then I took an arrow to the kee..

#4Thursday 19 April @ 17:57 by Norway SimeX

Le changement c'est maintenant ! F. Hollande
To change, I need the DLC !

#5Thursday 19 April @ 18:31 by France McCoys


#6Thursday 19 April @ 22:28 by Hungary Lololol

ONE REASON ON WHY I SHOULD RECEIVE THIS GAME IS because i love this type of game,i enjoy playing multiplayer with others and i also have steam so....thats the reason that i want to receive this game.

ANOTHER REASON ON WHY I SHOULD RECEIVE THIS GAME IS because i love your videossssss you rock man!!!!!!! and i have liked your video:

#7Monday 21 May @ 07:44 by Greece GreekVolunteer

if you want add me on steam: GreekSouvlaki Shockedr: battle_warrior10: i have 2 accounts

T.I.P. i prefer GreekSouvlaki

#8Monday 21 May @ 08:03 by Greece GreekVolunteer