Napoleonic Wars Release Date!

Posted by UK Mr_T in Regimental News on Friday 13 April @ 10:16

Vince has officially anouncedd the release date of the DLC people, so keep than money in yo piggy banks for purchasing the DLC, unfortunatly it will not be able to be pre-purchase from Steam, it will only appear in Steam stores on the release, so keep you eyes open.

19th of April everyone! Next Thursday so get yoselves hyped and together lets work to b the best damn regiment in NW!!!


Damn ! Why during my exams period ? ... Anyway, I'll buy it !

#1Friday 13 April @ 22:04 by France McCoys

Know how you feel McCoys Sad

#2Friday 13 April @ 23:40 by UK Mr_T

and I'll be gone the following guys won't play without me right?

#3Saturday 14 April @ 02:34 by Germany - WW2 Rhazak

Of course not Rhazak Wink


#4Saturday 14 April @ 09:57 by Germany - WW2 hherlev


#5Saturday 14 April @ 13:18 by Belgium whiplash

Crap, why release it when people usualy have work on those days. But i sure will buy it Laughing

#6Sunday 15 April @ 16:55 by Hungary Lololol

59 Minuts left Laughing.

#7Wednesday 18 April @ 22:01 by Netherlands Mr. Mack

nope, 29 minutes ago.

#8Wednesday 18 April @ 23:29 by Germany - WW2 Rhazak


#9Thursday 19 April @ 01:02 by Germany Hawkins