8e Regiment de Cuirassiers merge

Posted by Germany - WW2 hherlev in Regimental News on Monday 09 April @ 14:33


As of today, the 8e will be merging with the 1er, creating the artillery detachment, long debated amongst our own ranks. They will become an artillery focused detachment, with the rank of sappeurs. The detachment will consist of 10-12 people, and will act as infantry when the oppertunity of artillery doesn´t present itself. Some of you might know a few individuals from the 8e, some might be new to them. In either case, I want you all the welcome them with open arms!

An efficient system will be setup when the DLC is released. For now, we will use every oppertunity there is to get the 8e guys in action as artillery.
Again, give them a warm welcome and show them around!

Regards, Colonel Herlev


Welcome to the Old Guard, mon ami!

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bonjour mes vieux amis

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Welcome (back)!

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