1er Grenadiers VS 9te Leib-Infanterie

Posted by Germany - WW2 hherlev in Regimental News on Tuesday 03 April @ 19:18


On the 15th of april the 1er Grenadiers have been ordered to march against an enemy regiment.
We are to report in full strenght and high fighting spirit! Should you be otherwise engaged on the eve of battle you are to report your absence on the "Absence of Leave" thread.
We will be facing the NA regiment, 9te Leib-Infanterie-Regiment, who will be a tough opponent.
It´s a very long time since we had a 1v1 so everyone better bring their A-game!

The match will be on sunday, 15th of april at 20:00 GMT+2. basically its the standard training time. Looking forward to the battle!

Regards, 1er Colonel Herlev
Vive La France, Vive L´Empereur!


Make sure you put 120% in lads!

#1Tuesday 03 April @ 22:08 by UK Mr_T

Ill try my best to attend this Herlev! but no promises :\ If not, I wish all my Grenadier Bretheran good luck and god speed *Salute* Vive La France! Vive L'empereur!

#2Tuesday 03 April @ 23:12 by Canada Frederickson

Awww, look there is a Grenadier sleeping in the picture!

#3Wednesday 04 April @ 10:41 by UK bloodreaver

1er:Whoooooo!!! Vive la Franceee!!
*Napoleon charges in*
Napoleon: Hey! keep it the fuck down! Can't you see he's trying to sleep?!

#4Friday 06 April @ 18:25 by Germany - WW2 Rhazak