1er Changes to Highland Regiment - the 99th!

Posted by UK bloodreaver in Regimental News on Sunday 01 April @ 09:30


You heard it here first! The 1er Regiment de Grenadiers-a-Pied is officially being renamed the 99th Regiment of Highlanders.

After much discussion and thought, it was decided that the skirt wearing and bagpipe playing highlanders would a bold new step in the development of the regiment.

No longer would we stand around Napoleons Eagle, but do as Mad King George take off your bearskin, put on your kilt and make sure you don't shave your legs!

All hail the 99th!


Happy 1st of April everyone! XD

#1Sunday 01 April @ 09:34 by UK Mr_T

hahahaha nice i was like yes Bagpipes

#2Sunday 01 April @ 10:43 by Australia Gristle

I was like: NOOOO I want to be 1er Sad
And no more bagpipe playing to get headache xD

#3Sunday 01 April @ 11:48 by Netherlands Mr. Mack

pfff. why does everyone has to act like a fool today...

#4Sunday 01 April @ 16:04 by Germany Maktheridon

This is treason!! all those who do not remain loyal to our beloved emperor will be shot on sight!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#5Sunday 01 April @ 17:08 by Belgium whiplash

All hail George!

#6Sunday 01 April @ 20:44 by Norway Ograv

April Fools.... JERK

#7Sunday 01 April @ 21:57 by Hungary Lololol


#8Monday 02 April @ 10:07 by Portugal LoboChefe

i was about to shoot myself...

#9Monday 02 April @ 14:12 by Canada Frederickson