Napoleonic Wars DLC - Announced!

Posted by Germany - WW2 hherlev in Regimental News on Saturday 31 March @ 11:08


It has finally been made public! The new version of Mount&Musket will become a DLC, purchasable for a low price of 10€ or so. If there should be any doubt about this, the 1er Grenadiers will officially move over to this new upcoming game! There is still a bit of time before the official release of the game, so if you are short on cash you´ve got a few weeks to scrap it together.

The regiment has alot of plans for the update, and many things will change. Though the regiment core and spirit will remain the same! Until the DLC is released, the regiment will go on as before. Let´s prepare ourselves for NW, in the next weeks!

If you haven´t seen the trailer yet, here it is:

If you wanna read more about this, go to the official Paradox website for a full explanation of this DLC!

Looking forward to this guys, hope you are too!

Regards, Colonel Herlev



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can you buy it on steam??

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its gonna be fucking avesome

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