1ste Bataljon de Flank

Posted by Germany - WW2 hherlev in Regimental News on Sunday 04 March @ 22:04


It is with great pleasure that we welcome the 1ste Bataljon de Flank to our ranks. Being an experienced regiment they will enter with the ranks as Soldat, and Frederickson as Sergent.
Everyone please take time to show them around and welcome them to the regiment.

Regards, Colonel Herlev


Vive La France!!! Vive L'Empereur!!!!!!

#1Sunday 04 March @ 22:05 by Canada Frederickson

Welcome guys!

#2Sunday 04 March @ 23:34 by Germany Maktheridon

Welcome to the regiment!

#3Sunday 04 March @ 23:46 by Portugal LoboChefe

oh god yanks with bayonets, this isnt gonna turn out well...

#4Monday 05 March @ 00:52 by England CharlieWJM

Yes it damn well will!
Hewwo 1ste, wuv you all and welcome!

#5Monday 05 March @ 07:17 by UK Mr_T

pour le 1er grenadiers pour l'empereur!!!!!!

#6Monday 05 March @ 18:25 by Belgium whiplash

Welcome Smile

#7Monday 05 March @ 21:12 by Norway Ograv

Awesome welcome guys Wink

#8Wednesday 07 March @ 19:57 by Denmark Badasdodder

welcome let this regiment be your home :-)

#9Wednesday 07 March @ 20:44 by Belgium deathrow

Welcome Bataljon de Flank, welcome to the 1er Grenadiers! Im sure you guys will do just fine... word of advice, stay away from Ekky Wink

#10Thursday 08 March @ 23:08 by Hungary Lololol