Linebattle against 24th

Posted by UK bloodreaver in Regimental News on Friday 13 January @ 13:46


This Sunday, the 15th of January, Napoleon's own Old Guard Grenadiers are to face the Hungarian 24th Regiment of Foot in the field of battle! Sharpen your bayonets, polish your boots and trim your mustashe! We need as many Grenadiers in the battle as we can muster, we shall make our first battle of the year a victory! And one to celebrate! Colonel Herlev himself has promised to sing Le Chant de l'oignon if we come away with a 10-0 victory! Huzzah!


lets kick some ass pour l' Empereur!!!!

#1Friday 13 January @ 14:02 by Belgium whiplash

How many men are they bringing, plus i never even heard of these guys, still if i can make it ill try, and it'll be a good starting 1vs1 to start 2012. Hopefully

#2Saturday 14 January @ 15:22 by UK Mr_T

Does that mean you are coming tomorrow then? Smile

#3Saturday 14 January @ 15:25 by Germany - WW2 hherlev

I dunno I'll see, got more exams this month

#4Saturday 14 January @ 15:59 by UK Mr_T

well, hearing that herlev will sing Le Chant de l'oignon is reason enough for me to let them win. Smile

#5Saturday 14 January @ 22:08 by Germany Maktheridon

btw, i just checked taleworld forum and i can't find them. the only 24th i can find is a british regiment with about 10 ppl...

#6Sunday 15 January @ 00:24 by Germany Maktheridon

They dont have a TaleWorlds page.

#7Sunday 15 January @ 10:27 by Germany - WW2 hherlev