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1811 has been a long year. The regiment itself has passed its 1 year birthday, and even more. We´ve been very successful in the recent year, , things have been going up though they have also been going down. The loyal and dedicated members who have done a hard job making this regiment successful and known, I would like to thank for a wonderful year. A year filled with memories, a year filled with fun. I hope that in the coming year, the same bond and dedication will last troughout 2012, which it has troughout 2011. It has been a pleasure leading this regiment, and for that I thank you all.

With the future developments in the community coming soon, we will have alot to look forward to, and alot of work to do. Things will not be easy, and we have to keep our place as the top 5 best regiment in this community.

In 2011 we´ve seen friends come and go. First when Chibbi and Vorlen left and later on Karel.
The regiment has not been the same without them, but we shape our own community, and the future is in our hands to decide. In 2011 we´ve had over 25 linebattle victories, though we´ve also had our first defeats. Though it is no himiliation, going trough a year we´ve gone trough should be considered a perfect year. We´ve build ourselfs up from a group of 12 guys to a wide community with over 200 applicants.In 2012, we should set the goal to keep a straight winning-streak record. Of course, it may seem as a very unrealistic goal, but the higher you aim it, the higher you will succeed!

The most enjoyable thing I´ve experienced with you guys over the year, would probably have to be the talking over teamspeak. I enjoy coming on teamspeak everyday, talking with you, and I will enjoy it in 2012. I even hope to see new faces join our channels in 2012 and hope that they too will be a part of this community as much dedicated as the rest of you. The regiment has been going on for over a year, and with that long time of exsistence, a core of members appears. And those members, I´d like to wish a happy new year!

To the new members in the regiment, I hope you´ve enjoyed your -short- time in the regiment, and should you choose to stay longer, I´d say you´ve made the right choice. To settle in a regiment such as this, you´ve gotta been open minded. Dont bother about our racial discussions, or why Denmark is better than Sweden, but enjoy the company which you can expect each time logging on to your computer. To meet a welcoming community. That I enjoy, and hope you will.

On the 31st of December 2011, we´ve officially instituted a 1 year service medal. Which is already on the medal page:
There is about 5 people who´ve already earned it, but the more time passes by, the more should gain it.

To everyone in the regiment, I wish you a happy new year.

Signed, Colonel Herlev


Beautiful. Brought a tear to my eye. Though I'm not sure on the "To settle in a regiment such as this, you´ve gotta been open minded." and they aren't 'racial discussions', they're RACIST discussions. xD

Ignoring the extreme right wing racist undertones of the regiment (lol), it's been a great place to be. With various exoduses, we've uncovered the people who are truly loyal to the regiment. Perhaps it is a good thing that such people left.

Next year, we'll be better than ever! We'll maybe see a lot of change in MM, and within the regiment, but we'll keep what is most important to our regiment, something I feel the other regiments don't have: the heart of the reg. Some other regs may be better at the game than us (and that is, a very select few), but we certainly outmatch them in terms of quality of the regiment. (/end hippy mode) And you know what? We outmatch them at the game too, we have talent and ability fucking everywhere in the reg, we simply need to organise things to make us into a fighting machine, sourcing this brute skill. Next year we'll truly be better than ever, and I hope we'll reclaim our rightful place at the top.

Happy new year guys!

#1Sunday 01 January @ 11:45 by UK Quentillius

pour la France,pour l'empereur,pour des grenadiers 1er!!!!!!!!!

(for france,for the emperor,for the 1er grenadiers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

#2Sunday 01 January @ 15:40 by Belgium whiplash

And we're also happy to hear that the veterans of the Waterloo campaign haven't been robbed of their hard earned medal and that future guards will also be able to earn it as well! Three cheers for Herlev for making it so!

#3Tuesday 03 January @ 10:14 by Germany - WW2 Rhazak

You´re right Rhazak, they instead of the Waterloo medal, get to earn the 1 year service medal Smile

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