Christmas Leave

Posted by UK bloodreaver in Regimental News on Saturday 17 December @ 14:54


Napoleon has granted the Old Guard two weeks of leave this Christmas for showing great courage and skill in recennt battles. As of Monday the 19th of December 1811, all Grenadiers may return to France to spend time with their families, get drunk and have a great Christmas. The Regiment will resume active duty on the 3rd of Janurary 1812, to continue serving L'Empereur by defeating his enemies!


Everyone pay attention on the forums though!

#1Saturday 17 December @ 15:50 by UK Mr_T

And you can also join me and play some rounds on the public server with me in the evening!

#2Saturday 17 December @ 17:10 by Germany Maktheridon

I'll show up for any unofficial events, etc. I can after the 21st.

#3Saturday 17 December @ 18:55 by Norway Ograv

Merry christmas to all of you guys.

#4Sunday 18 December @ 16:37 by Germany - WW2 hherlev