1er Grenadiers vs 91st Highlanders

Posted by Germany - WW2 hherlev in Regimental News on Monday 21 November @ 09:56

clan battle

Once again we will stand proud on the field of battle and show our enemies our firm cold steel!
On the 4th of December, we´ve arranged a linebattle against an opponent
we´ve not yet seen. Keep your guard up, and make sure you can attand this! We will need every man for this fight, so everyone better be there! Excuse yourself on the "Absence of Leave" thread, if you really can´t attend. All Recruits, Cadets and Garde´s report to your NCO´s if you are able to attend, and go improve your melee! This will be a tough challenge, and I trust you all to give your best. Game faces on guys, hoah!
The linebattle is on the 4th of December at 20:00 GMT+1

Vive l´Empereur


Are these the guys under Tavington?

If so, I won't miss it for the world.

#1Monday 21 November @ 11:08 by Norway wizofcake

This is Tavingtons regiment yes.

#2Monday 21 November @ 11:33 by Germany - WW2 hherlev

I think this won't be very hard. I saw/fought him and some of his guys on duel server last week. It wasn't hard to kill them. But still, i think many of us have to improve a bit so we can kick their ass easyly...

#3Monday 21 November @ 12:55 by Germany Maktheridon

I hate Tavington with a passion. I'm gonna be there no matter what.

#4Monday 21 November @ 13:08 by Norway wizofcake

Challenge accepted Herlev, I will best that picture for the next news announcement!

#5Monday 21 November @ 13:43 by UK bloodreaver

Keeping in mind, Tavington is a respectful leader and officer. 91st is a decent regiment and Im really looking forward to this battle.

This will be a tough match, and our greatest mistake would be to underestimate them.

Bloodreaver, bring it baby! Laughing

#6Monday 21 November @ 13:48 by Germany - WW2 hherlev

Lol ye got the last date wrong. 4th of November? Geeze thats a long way away herlev Tongue

#7Monday 21 November @ 16:48 by UK Mr_T

I fixed it to december, my bad guys...


Now you dont have an excuse to miss it Laughing

#8Tuesday 22 November @ 12:38 by Germany - WW2 hherlev

Damn it! xD

#9Tuesday 22 November @ 12:47 by Germany Hawkins

poor hawkins...

#10Tuesday 22 November @ 12:54 by Germany Maktheridon

Wekkend coming up, and so is the battle. Everyone keeping up their personal training?

#11Friday 02 December @ 12:14 by Germany - WW2 hherlev

Ofc, herlev. You will see, we will kick theire ass^^

#12Friday 02 December @ 13:01 by Germany Maktheridon