Army Battle!

Posted by UK bloodreaver in Regimental News on Tuesday 15 November @ 21:32

Upcoming Army Battle!


Fellow Guards! The Polish Army has decided to spit in our wine and defile our women! The Empereur himself is angry and has ordered the Garde Imperiale to march on Warsaw at once! Our scouts believe we will reach their encampment on the 27th November, we must muster as many soldiers as possible! Our numbers seem equal, around 80 men each, including the brave 18e, both armies posses a small unit of cavalry as well as two big guns. Our muskets will crackle and our bayonets will drip with their blood! Be prepared for a big fight and mark the date down, this is not a battle to be missed!


aye, let's kick their ass!

#1Tuesday 15 November @ 21:57 by Germany Maktheridon


#2Wednesday 16 November @ 11:28 by Norway Ekky

This time I´ll let Ekky command the 1er, and Ill go general Smile

#3Wednesday 16 November @ 18:04 by Germany - WW2 hherlev


#4Wednesday 16 November @ 20:25 by UK Mr_T

Yay Ekky leads, Tittieflapping everywhere!

#5Thursday 17 November @ 11:44 by Belgium Sergi

Lead us to victory Ekky!

#6Friday 18 November @ 07:50 by Norway wizofcake

lol they spit on the wine.
im sorry cant stop laughing.

#7Tuesday 22 November @ 00:09 by USA exactinmidget92