1 year anniversary

Posted by Germany - WW2 hherlev in Regimental News on Monday 31 October @ 16:53


Only of a few of you may know, but it is now 1 year ago today that Willard formed the 1er Grenadiers - and Herlev - a few hours later merged 1st Division into the 1er, and taking charge.
The regimet has been going ever since, with ups and downs. We´ve fought over 30 linebattles, won 28, lost 2.
For 1 year, thats an impressive score and I can honestly say Im proud of all of you. Thanks to everyone wh´ve showed an interest in the regiment! I hope to see the regiment last another year!

Happy birthday everyone! Cake for everyone!




#1Monday 31 October @ 17:07 by UK Mr_T

Screw you i want some CAKE!!!

#2Monday 31 October @ 17:51 by Netherlands Karel

Yay, Happy Birthday Grenadiers Laughing hopefully this regiment will last many more years! Laughing And the majority of the time i've been here i say well done to you Herlev, Mr T and all you other good fellows

#3Monday 31 October @ 17:53 by UK Alan Partridge

Happy birthday!

#4Monday 31 October @ 18:09 by Germany Maktheridon

Nom nom nom

#5Monday 31 October @ 20:56 by UK bloodreaver

May i point out that actually we've won 27 drawn 1 and lost 2....

#6Tuesday 01 November @ 21:28 by UK Alan Partridge

May i point out that actually we've won 27 drawn 1 and lost 2....

#7Tuesday 01 November @ 21:28 by UK Alan Partridge

Yeah, my bad Tongue

Well, The first match against 18e isn´t on. So, there are some 5 matches not included there.

#8Tuesday 01 November @ 21:34 by Germany - WW2 hherlev

wtf? me and bloodreaver typed the same thing?? :S i didn't even see his post :S Fml

#9Tuesday 01 November @ 22:49 by UK Alan Partridge

The art of the sub-conscious, been watching inception recently :L

#10Tuesday 01 November @ 22:55 by UK Alan Partridge

Ulric, you are so smart....

the name of the person who posted it is below it. not over it. you just posted the same thing twice...

#11Wednesday 02 November @ 00:58 by Germany Maktheridon


#12Wednesday 02 November @ 07:26 by UK Mr_T

oh.... right my bad

#13Wednesday 02 November @ 08:08 by UK Alan Partridge

And there I was thinking Karel was being an honorable Guard, posting about the regiments future prosperity and the comradeship we have gained under the fine leadership of Herlev. And then I read which post was ACTUALLY his.

#14Thursday 03 November @ 09:36 by Norway wizofcake

I aim to dissapoint people, mission accomplished! Laughing

#15Thursday 03 November @ 13:30 by Netherlands Karel