1er Grenadiers VS 18e d'Infanterie

Posted by Germany - WW2 hherlev in Regimental News on Saturday 29 October @ 17:56

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Tomorrow at 20:00 GMT+1 we will be having a linebattle against the 18e d'Infanterie. We´ll need to buckle up for this one, so be ready. Before the linebattle, alot of promotions will be done, and a serious talk will follow. Its very important, that everyone attends this linebattle!

Our good friends from the 18e will be rallying on our server at 20:30 GMT+1, so we´ll have good time for warmup.
Remeber to post on the "Absence of leave" forum thread, if you will be unavalible on the time of the battle.

Vive L´Empereur!



#1Saturday 29 October @ 18:40 by Norway Ograv


#2Saturday 29 October @ 18:40 by Germany Maktheridon

damn u ograv. how could u be faster then me?^^

#3Saturday 29 October @ 18:41 by Germany Maktheridon

Lets kick sum butt

#4Saturday 29 October @ 20:05 by UK Mr_T

well i'm sure i will be able to play during a Halloween party i'm going to, probably gonna be wasted, don't know yet, looking forward to it against the 18e, gonna be a challenge hopefully Laughing

#5Saturday 29 October @ 23:45 by UK Alan Partridge

Vive L´Empereur!

#6Sunday 30 October @ 17:25 by UK bloodreaver