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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who/what is the 1er?

A. The 1er Old Guard Grenadiers are a melee based regiment originally founded in Mount and Musket that later moved on to Napoleonic Wars, now with over 3 years of experience. We pride ourselves on deadly melee skills and rock solid discipline. We attend a variety of events, including conquest linebattles, grand campaign battles and some times we even host our own historical based events!

Q. What game are you playing and how can I get it?

A. This regiment is mainly dedicated to the DLC called "Napoleonic Wars" for the game "Mount & Blade: Warband", you need both of these to be able to play it, and you have to buy Napoleonic Wars from the same store as you bought Warband.
You can buy them at a variety of digital distribution platforms:


Steam Store
Taleworlds, directly from the developer

Napoleonic Wars:

Steam Store
Taleworlds/FSE, directly from the developers

Q. Cool! How can I join?

A. All you have to do is join our forum and post an application here in the recruitment office. Make sure you read the application guidelines first!

Q. I'm already in another NW regiment can I join yours too?

A. No. You have to leave your other regiment then apply. You can only be in one regiment at a time.

Q. What banner does the 1er use?

A. We use this banner.

Q. What time are events?

A. We operate at GMT + 1. Our events usually start at around 8PM/20:00, you will be reminded before through steam. We have three to four weekly events, training on Tuesdays, linebattles on Sundays and Thursdays. We also have regular regiment vs regiment battles at different times, you will be told when these are, as well as some other events that won't appear on the regular schedule.

Schedule can be found under "events" here.

Q. Do I have to be from Europe to join?

A. Not at all, our second company is dedicated to players located on the American continent that will have their own events more appropriate to your time zone, but you are of course still welcome to join in the 1st company's events too. If you live in Australia or anywhere out of these regions you are very likely to have connection issues when trying to play with us but you are still welcome to try.

Q. What do I do if I can't attend an event?

A. Don't worry, all you need to do is post here.

Q. How do I get promoted?

A. You will earn your first two promotions, from Recruit to Soldat then from Soldat to Garde by showing your face at bootcamp and events. Higher promotions are only given to those with skills, those who have great attendance, discipline and a good attitude. To increase your chances of promotion, you should read this thread.

Q. What is your Teamspeak Info?

A. Our teamspeak IP is
Though you can join directly through the teamspeak viewer on the main page.

Q. Do you only play Napoleonic Wars?

A. No, we play many other games together, such as Minecraft, Europe Universalis III, Crusader Kings II, Napoleon Total War, Battlefield 3, ARMA and Red Orchestra 2. We also some times arrange movie nights and have drinking games!