Zinozax application

Age: 14

Country: sweden

Do you have and installed Mount&Blade:Warband Napoleonic Wars DLC: yes

Do you speak english: good enough

Prior clan/regiment experience: none

Who recruited you: 1er_Gluk

Reason for joining: first regiment

Which days in the week, are you able to attend trainings on (day and time): thursday 20:00PM

How long have you played Napoleonic Wars/Mount&Musket: 2 years

If you have steam, whats your login name: sinozax

Do you have a microphone: yes

Are you willing to fully dedicate yourself to the Regiment, follow the Code of Conduct and stay active: yes

And officer will respond to your application soon!

Wednesday 02 Apr, 2014 @ 07:59PM

Good luck with your application, fellow swede Smile

Wednesday 02 Apr, 2014 @ 10:01PM
1er Grenadiers a-pied de la Garde Imperiale



You've been approved into the ranks of one of the finest regiments there is!
Our trainings can be challenging and tough and we expect high activity and discipline!
There is a fine line between trainings & events and our "off time", we expect you to know this!
During our off time, we are a relaxed and fun community with drinking events, public play on several other games in co-op style!
On trainings and events we are serious and focused!
It is a common thought that we are a french-speaking regiment, this is not the case. We are an english-speaking regiment.

We have two companies, the first one is EU the other is for those on the American continent you will be assigned to the appropriate one.
You must make a character named: 1er_Gren_Rec_"Insert Name" with this banner:


Your face must not be black or asian nor can you be female. This is not because we are a racist bunch of old KKK people, but for a historical purpose; there were no black people in the 1er Grenadiers.
It is a must that you have great moustache, and some wrinkles on your face! Tune up the age on your character!
Moustaches are mandatory in the guard, don’t use pipes or cigars.


Regimental Events:

- 1er Compagnie - EU

Tuesday: [Training] - 20:00PM CEST/GMT+2 (all ranks except CO's must attend.)
Thursday: [Linebattle] - 20:00PM CEST/GMT+2
Sunday: [Linebattle] - 20:00PM CEST/GMT+2

- 2ème Compagnie - NA/SA

Monday: [Training+Linebattle] - 7:30PM EST / 01:30 CEST (Tuesday)
Tuesday: [Training+Linebattle] - 7:30PM EST / 01:30 CEST (Wednesday)
Saturday: [Training+Siege] - 7:30PM EST / 01:30 CEST (Sunday)
Sunday: [1vs1 LB] - 5:00PM EST / 22:00 CEST

Please take note of the training times.
Missing out on an occasional training here and there is ok, but if you do, you must post in the
Absence of Leave thread
(You need to be approved as a forum member before you can view that topic)
We also respect if you have personal issues, or exams. It is possible to apply for an "extended leave" in duration of a few months.


If you dont already have Teamspeak 3, it is required that you download it here: Teamspeak
Hit the button "Connections" on the top left corner.
Address: - scroll down until you see the 1er Grenadier channel.
Nickname: 1er_Gren_Rec_"Insert Name"

You’ve now accessed the 1er Grenadiers official teamspeak. Being a multi-national regiment, there should always be a few people on. Go talk to them, learn who they are and play some games.

Now, the last thing we’ll require of you is to add a few people to your steam friends list. The following people will help you be active, answer any questions and train you if necessary.

Colonel Sergi
Lieutenant Charlie

We hope you will enjoy your time in the 1er Grenadiers! See you on Teamspeak!


La Garde meurt mais ne se rend pas!

Wednesday 02 Apr, 2014 @ 10:56PM


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