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All Mount and Blade: Bannerlord Info so far

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All Mount and Blade: Bannerlord Info so far!

Mount and Blade:Bannerlord info

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Mount and Blade: Bannerlord Info !

I see a couple people still check back in on the site from time to time so I thought I'd throw this up just incase some of you haven't seen it yet.
I recommend joining this steamgroup for Bannerlord updates :

The latest news is that PC Gamer did an article on Bannerlord featuring a little information aswel as a very sexy screenshot of what looks to be a Barbarian, War paint, a very sexy axe & horse armour, and the main feature - Actual tree's, Like realistic looking tree's. Nomore square tree's ! Shocked
Most of you know this because I did a little spamming but for those who don't here it is :

Secondly, On the 5th - 6th March there will be 40 minutes of unseen Bannerlord gameplay at the London PC Gamer Weekend. So I guess we can all look forward to drool all over that deliciousness.

What factions will you guys be fighting for or are you the sort of adventurer to set up his own kingdom and stop at nothing until everyone else bends the knee ?
For me, the rustic barbarian look from the guy in the Magazine image has my interest.

Christmas break !

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Christmas holiday break !

This Sunday (21st December) Will mark the last official 1er Event of 2014 (Eu company)!
The staff of the 1er wish everyone a very merry/happy/great/fabulous/glorious Christmas and we all look forward to seeing you all in the new year.
Speaking of which, We are scheduling to come back into active duty on the first Thursday after new year's day (8th January).
If you feel you cannot wait until then and will miss my beautiful sexy ginger chops then don't threat my dear little pleb, The NCO staff are planning to hold small fun events from the time we break up until the time we come back. These of course will be non-mandatory (Meaning you DO NOT have to attend if you don't want to).

NA Company:
You beautiful bastards are having your last battle on the 20th December (Arty 21st) and will be coming back after the new year on the 5th January !

That's all folks, See you all on Sunday and if not have a great Christmas and we'll see you all in the new Year !

Stay safe, Eat plenty, drink your self into a coma and don't forget - Onions.

- Capitaine Charlie.

Nomore 92nd event's

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Nomore 92nd event's !

As of today the 92nd EU company has gone inactive and thus there will no longer be any 92nd events.
We are currently working on finding new events for us to attend weekly, so please be patient.
Tomorrow (3rd December) We are attending the IVe Wednesday event, so please all attend for that and please pass on the word !
I will keep you all informed via a forum thread, which I will make, when we have finally found new weekly events.
It is a sad day indeed as we have attended the and fought with and against the 92nd for 3-4 years now.

Remember tomorrow, 7;15 GMT for the IVe Wednesday event, Hope to see you all there !

- Capitaine Charlie.

NA NWL Medals and Other News

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Introducing New Medals!

To put extra interest in the North American Napoleonic Wars League, i have requested the creation of three new medals.

Médaille du Chasseur de Ody


For Killing Ody.

Médaille commémorative de la bataille de Amérique


For Having Consistent Attendance to League Matches

Médaille du Recrutement Suprême Classe


For Recruiting 25 People into the Regiment

*Medal Design May Change*

Present Arms!

-Lieutenant GlukTheWalrus.

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