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Age: 19

Country: 'Murica

Do you have and installed Mount&Blade:Warband Napoleonic Wars DLC: Indeed

Do you speak english: Si

Prior clan/regiment experience: 83rdR, 60TH Rifles, PLI

Who recruited you: Flo

Reason for joining: I like to kill people

Which days in the week, are you able to attend trainings on (day and time): most every day should fit into my schedule

How long have you played Napoleonic Wars/Mount&Musket: 4-5 months

If you have steam, whats your login name: [83rd] Hawkeye

Do you have a microphone: No

Are you willing to fully dedicate yourself to the Regiment, follow the Code of Conduct and stay active: with pleasure

Monday 07 Sep, 2015 @ 02:14AM
Flo Mega
Garde de Première Classe



You've been approved into the ranks of the 1er Grenadiers. One thing you should know is that here is a fine line between our events & our "off-times." During our events we expect discipline in the form of seriousness and focus from all our members and a decent level of activity. During our "off-times" we are a relaxed and fun community with public play,movie nights, and playing several other games in Co-Op style!
Now, the first thing we'll require of you is to add a few people to your steam friends list. The following people will help you be active, answer any questions and train you if necessary.
Lieutenant Flo Mega & Adjudant Shovel
Secondly, we have two companies, the company you are assigned to is the 2eme Compagnie which is dedicated to North/South American members while our 1ere Compagnie is dedicated to our European players. The 2eme Compagnie is divided into three platoons, you are assigned to the 3e Peloton which is dedicated to newer members of the regiment, while the 1er Peloton is dedicated to older members and the 2e Peloton is dedicated to our Artillery detachment.

Regimental Events:
- 2ème Compagnie - NA/SA
Monday: [Training] - 4:00 PM PST (7:00 PM EST)
Wednsday: [Siege] - TBD
Thursday: [Linebattle] - TBD
Friday:[Linebattle]- TBD
Saturday:[Seige] - 5:00 PM PST (8: 00 PM EST) *times may vary, check the steam group*
Sunday:[Line Battle] 8:00PM PM EST
We may also have an occasional 1v1 sometime within the week and as optional events when you have free time you can attend…

Thirdly, You must make a character named: 1er_Gren_Rec_"Insert Name" with this banner:

With a couple of Requirements:
1. Your character must not be black or asian.
2. You must have a male character.
3. You must have a mustache.
This is not because we are a bunch of old KKK members but rather for historical purposes, there were no black people in the 1er Grenadiers.
Fourthly, missing out on an occasional event here and there is ok and so is going away for a long time if you have a reason ( such as vacations), but if you do, you must post in the Absence of Leave thread
(You need to be approved as a forum member before you can view that topic) and if you need to go away on an extended absence you would post it as an extended leave of absence instead.

Finally, if you don't already have Teamspeak 3, it is required that you download it here: Teamspeak
To connect to our ts…
Hit the button "Connections" on the top left corner
Nickname: 1er_Gren_Rec_"Insert Name"
Make sure to add this to your bookmarks too.
You've now accessed the 1er Grenadiers official teamspeak. Being a multi-national regiment, there should always be a few people on. Go talk to them, learn who they are and play some games.
We hope you will enjoy your time in the 1er Grenadiers! See you on Teamspeak

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Monday 07 Sep, 2015 @ 02:17AM